Metal Oxide Coating (CMO V2) - 3-5 Year

Artdeshine Metal Oxide Coating (CMO V2)

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Metal oxide coating

- 5 Year

Advanced Polymer Technology Frist in automotive care, Reduced waterspots

Based upon the polymeric composition similar to our Nano Graphene Coating, CMO promises high mechanical strength and thermal stability with good optical, thermal and barrier properties. The ATO assists in reducing chemical reactions of contaminants aggravated by heat or UV that can otherwise result in permanent etching, spotting and staining.


Bonding durability (normal conditions): 5 Years

  • 50 washes pH neutral
  • Climate range -20°C to + 35°C

Bonding durability (extreme conditions): 5 Years

  • 180 washes pH 3>13
  • Climate range -40°C to + 40°C

Hydrophobic properties durability (normal conditions): 5 Years

  • 350 washes pH neutral
  • 180 washes pH 3>13

Average coating thickness: 1.0 –1.2 μm (micrometre/micron)

Coating thickness effectiveness range: 0.3 –0.5 μm (micrometre/micron)

Chemical resistance: pH2 –pH14

Thermal threshold on treated surface (onset of degradation): 300°C

Distilled water droplet average contact angle –110-120°

Vegetable oil droplet average contact angle –80-90°

Average Sliding Angle on coated clear coat surface: 22°

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Metal oxide coating Thiruvanathapuram | Graphene oxide coating | Artdeshine metal oxide, CMO v2

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