Graphene MAX Coating - Heavy Duty Protection - 7+ year

Graphene MAX Coating - Heavy Duty Protection | Graphene Coating Protection On Steroids

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Warning:MAX Graphene Coating is intended for advanced applications only. It is a high-strength, ultra-thick coating for maximum durability.

High performing - Graphene Protection On Steroids - 7+ Years Durability

Graphene MAX packs a knockout punch of ingredients making it an extremely high-performing coating, designed for those looking for maximum protection for heavy-duty, industrial, or high-wear applications. MAX features our highest resin load level available to consumers, in addition to a cocktail of robust additives. This means you can expect industry-leading durability, gloss, and longevity in a DIY coating. With one application, you can expect up to 7+ years of durability when applied and maintained correctly.


  • Highest Resin Activity Available to the Public (65% more than Graphene V2.0)
  • Longer Lasting Protection (7+ Years)
  • Designed for daily drivers & higher wear applications
  • Additional additives for increased performance
  • High resistance to scratching during the wash process
  • High resistance to water spots and etching
  • Extreme gloss and contact angle for a DIY coating (118*)
  • Enhances paint, glass, plastics, wheels, and more

graphene ceramic graphene infused paint protection

high-performing coating, 7+ years of durability

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