Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra - 9 Year

10h paint protection, 9-year guarantee, Matchless levels of gloss, surface slickness, swirl and chemical resistance

Crystal Serum Ultra
Crystal Serum UltraGtechniq CSU
Gtechniq Crystal Serm Ultra
Crystal Serum Ultra (9 Year) forms a composite of two inorganic layers of ceramic. The slightly softer layer migrates to and chemically bonds to the substrate (it can bond to any type of gel coat, vinyl and all kinds of paint – eg clear coat, acrylic, nitro-cellulose, two-pack, solid paint, metallic paint, pearlescent, urethane, polyurethane, matte etc.) whilst the thinner harder layer migrates to the surface. This combination offers significantly better swirl resistance than standard ceramic coatings (including so called 9h “super coatings”), plus Crystal Serum Ultra is resistant to the strongest acids and alkalis. It is also resistant to temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius.
Crystal Serum Ultra

Why Crystal Serum Ultra?

Crystal Serum Ultra is the best paint protection you can get, it keeps your car looking glossy and new, prolonging the life of your paintworks perfect finish.

Key to Crystal Serum Ultras performance gain is the introduction of a revolutionary new 7nm nanoparticle alongside an existing 20nm nanoparticle and increasing the ratio of crosslinkers which reinforce and thicken the top layer of the coating.

The hard 10h top and softer 7h base layer offer improved swirl resistance over regular 9h paint protection coatings. Compared to standard ceramic paint coatings, Crystal Serum Ultra can withstand even the strongest wash chemicals and bird droppings.

An additional benefit from having a flexible base layer and the hard top layer is that Crystal Serum Ultra is very resistant to extreme heat changes, even from -40 degrees Celsius to +250 degrees Celsius.

How long will Crystal Serum Ultra last on a car?

If a car is looked after well, washed using Gtechniq shampoos and accessories, then Crystal Serum Ultra will easily reach its 9 year guarantee.

Can it be layered/stacked?

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra and EXO

We do not recommend stacking layers of Crystal Serum Ultra over previous layers of Serum Ultra (you can but our tests have shown that it doesn’t offer an advantage), but you can stack layers of EXO or C2 over Serum Ultra to give surfaces the ultimate dirt and water repellency.

Recommended Usage

1 Layer of Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light

1 or 2 Layers of Gtechniq EXO - Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating

Does it really last for years?

Yes! In fact due to it’s chemical bonding mechanism, Crystal Serum Ultra, Crystal Serum Ultra Light and C1 become the functional surface of your vehicle’s paintwork. In essence they bond permanently to your vehicle’s paintwork. Our stock answer to the question “how long does C1 or Crystal Serum Ultra last?” is that this is the wrong question. The right question is how particular you are about your paintwork and how carefully you clean your paintwork. If you are, like us, very very fussy about swirls etc. on your paintwork but at the same time have a poor wash technique then, even though Serum Ultra is highly and C1 is somewhat resistant to swirls, you may find that you will want your car to be repolished in a shorter period than someone who is less particular about swirls but uses a very good wash technique.

What's the best way to maintain my vehicle's finish once this product has been applied?

Even though, when compared to traditional waxes and sealants, this product is exceptionally durable, we recommend using products such as Gtechniq GWash or koch-chemie NanoMagic Shampoo

Available Gtechniq Coatings

Gtechniq Coatings
Gtechniq nano magic shampoo

Koch Chemie Nano Magic Shampoo is a high-tech gloss shampoo with premium protection properties for washing vehicles by hand. Through the unique combination of innovative cleaning and sealing components a long-lasting dirt and water-repellent nano layer is formed (lotus effect). The treated surfaces are protected against aggressive environmental factors

Rs ₹ 1,200/-

Gtechniq GWash shampoo

GWash has been specifically formulated to work in harmony with the Gtechniq range of coatings.

One hundred percent biodegradable, GWash produces a high foam content which breaks the bond between the dirt film and your vehicles paintwork. The shampoo lubricates dirt particles, minimising surface abrasion, maximising gloss retention.

💎 TAS Ceramic Platinum
  • 🔸 10H FIRST Composite Ceramic coating
  • 🔸 Available exclusively at TAS
  • 🔸 5+ years durability (Up to 9 year)
  • 🔸 2 Layer coating
  • 🔸 Free ceramic wash on 7th day
  • 🔸 Free top maintanance sealnt coating every 6th months (10 times)
  • 🔸 The best swirl resistance of all our coatings. This product is a composite ceramic coating, that when applied phase separates into two layers. The first layer measures 7h on the pencil hardness scale and bonds to the paintwork, so that it cannot be washed off. The second layer is a harder 10h layer which is an aggregate of 7nm and 20nm nanoparticles that offer superior chemical resistance, weather resistance and swirl resistance.

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