NanoMagic Shampoo

The high-tech shine shampoo with premium preservation for manual vehicle washing, with long-lasting protective and water-repellent nano-layer. Premium car shampoo from Koch-Chemie Germany.

Koch Chemie nano magic shampoo
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Koch Chemie Germany

Nano Magic Shampoo

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The high-tech shine shampoo⁠

⁠ The NanoMagic Shampoo from Koch-Chemie is not just a simple shampoo for washing vehicles, but the high-tech shine shampoo with premium preservation for manual vehicle washing. Our NanoMagic Shampoo forms a long-lasting dirt and water repellent nano layer (lotus effect) through the unique combination of cleaning and sealing components. This protects your vehicle from aggressive environmental influences even after treatment. ⁠ ⁠

Despite the convincing result, the application of our NanoMagic Shampoo is quick and easy. For this purpose, it only needs to be applied by means of a foam gun (final dilution 1:100). For the bucket application, on the other hand, the mixing ratio is 50ml NanoMagic Shampoo to 10l water. After application, the vehicle should only be washed off thoroughly.⁠

Unchallenged high-tech shampoo to thorough gloss cleaning and long-term protection in a single step. Previously applied waxes and seals are preserved. The unique combination of care components leaves behind a long-lasting protective and water-repellent nano-layer.


  • ✯ Nano protection
  • ✯ High-gloss finish
  • ✯ Wax, sealant and coatings remain intact
  • ✯ Extreme water beading
  • ✯ Recommended for Coating maintenance

Recommendations for use

Add about 50 ml of shampoo (5 capfuls) to 10 l of warm water. Clean the vehicle with a wash pad. Then rinse off with a soft water jet and wipe any remaining water off with a cloth. Drying is made easier through the use of AllroundQuickShine and the gloss effect is optimised even further.

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