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PremiumShield® is the market leader in paint protection films – designed to protect and enhance your vehicle’s paintwork

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Invest in protection | by protecting your investment

With the market-leading system from PremiumShield®, adding a new level of vehicle protection and enhancement is easier. Our patented, innovative technologies have helped to create a range of products that provide maximum protection for paintwork whilst also maintaining virtually optical invisibility.

PremiumShield® products have been tested worldwide with results that prove, time and time again, that they are among the clearest, strongest paint protection films on the market today – add in unparalleled experience and business support and you have a winning combination at every level.

Self-Healing Technology

PremiumShield® Elite SH goes further than any other PPF film, with its self-healing properties. Light scratches will disappear literally before your very eyes without the need to apply heat, and within seconds the surface is as smooth and glossy as before! PremiumShield® Elite SH combines excellent elastic properties and optical clarity with a high resistance to impact and abrasion. It is also resistant to degradation by UV, discolouration and cracking.

PPF provides protection against:

  • ✯ Stone chips.
  • ✯ Vandalism and poor washing techniques.
  • ✯ Shoes damaging sills and doors.
  • ✯ Dogs entering and exiting the vehicle.
  • ✯ Scratches and swirl marks.
  • ✯ Bird lime and bug etching.
  • ✯ Sun damage and bleaching.
  • ✯ Shopping trollies in parking lots.

PPF film strength

Benefitting from unique self-healing properties, PremiumShield® paint protection film creates a virtually invisible layer of protection, meaning you can enjoy life on the road without worrying about the impact on your vehicle’s paintwork.

PremiumShield® is the market leader in paint protection films – designed to protect and enhance your vehicle’s paintwork

PremiumShield® paint protection film can be used in a variety of applications including cars, trucks, motorcycles, jet skis, boats, etc

  • ✯ Self-healing technology
  • ✯ 195 microns thick
  • ✯ Ultra-smooth and high gloss top layer
  • ✯ Elasticity up to 435%
  • ✯ Heals under direct heat application
  • ✯ Scratch, impact and stone chip resistant

Self Healing Test

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