Snow foam car wash

Gentle eco friendly snow foam wash

Snow foam wash at TAS
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Affordable price

Gentle snow foam car wash, Your car deserve the BEST

Snow foam FULL WASH

Multi stage washing process, covering

  1. Tire brushing
  2. Alloy Cleaning
  3. Wheel arch pressure wash + brushing
  4. First body water wash
  5. Foam wash
  6. Second water wash
  7. Drying
  8. Glass (inside/outside) clean
  9. Interior vacuum
  10. Interior (seats/dash/door pads) wipe clean
  11. Interior dressing
  12. Exterior dressing

Snow foam Quick BODY WASH


  1. Pressure water wash Tire and Alloys
  2. First body water wash
  3. Foam wash
  4. Second water wash
  5. Drying

Why us ?

  1. Biodegradable and eco-friendly Products and Techniques
  2. Multi Stage wash process
  3. Imported products and tools
  4. No diesel or harsh chemicals used
  5. 60+ quality checklist
  6. Use of quality microfiber cloths and wash mitt

BMW bike snow foam wash
Porsche Car snow foam wash
Baleno Car snow foam wash
Porsche Car snow foam wash
Porsche Car snow foam wash
Porsche Car snow foam wash

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