Decontamination Tar Bug Removal

Deep cleaning of paint contaminants like road salt, grime, bugs, tar, iron, etc.

Decontamination Tar Bug Removal at TAS
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What is Car Paint Decontamination?

Paint contaminants are airborne problems caused by road salt, grime, bugs, etc. that can get stuck in the exterior paint. Some of these will come off with washing after a short period of time. However, others dig into the surface and remain, slowly degrading the clear coat of your car.


Iron Decontamination

Iron decontamination is done by special product aimed at decontamination that has the chemical ability to help you to remove iron(III)oxide particles from a surface without having to remove them mechanically.

Fallout are iron particles that can come from different sources. This can be brake dust, iron particles from a railroad track or airborne particles from a factory nearby.

iron(III)oxide particles are very sharp and cause several surface imperfections when they are dragged over a surface. Rubbing your paint with these particles still covering it, will cause severe swirls. Removing them will not only deep-clean your paintwork, but will also minimize the risk of swirls in the future even more. Read the original article at:

Iron decontamination ford endeavour
Iron decontamination Alloy Jaguar
Iron decontamination windshield

Tar Removal

Safely remove road tar from vehicle without damaging clear coat, we do not use Diesel or harsh chemicals for tar removing. Use of specialized Tar removers, which melts the tar safely and provide easy cleaning of the car.

Tar removal - before
Tar removal in progress
Tar contamination
Tar contamination

Bug Splatter removal

Bug splatter is actually acidic, which can cause permanent damage to paint, Heat causes blistering and pockmarks end up looking like white spots. PPF can be used to prevent stone chips and bug splatter from permanently damaging the paint.

Clay bar

Auto detailing clay removes from the paint what washing cannot. A Clay Bar Treatment is the process of using a clay bar to remove containments from the surface of your car. Common containments that pollute and slowly destroy your vehicle include things like rail dust, brake dust, and industrial fallout. These pollutants can penetrate through paint, glass, and metal and settle on those components even after several car washes and polishing.

light paint over-spray (especially car paint booth) can also be removed by clay, however it depends on the paint, some of them require to wet sand the vehicle and polish to get a perfect finish.

Note: DO NOT use any harsh objects like sand paper / blades on glass when removing paint over-spray, it will damage the glass with minor or bigger scratches, which needs glass replacement.

Cement deposit removal

Below car is cleaned from cement drops from building, cased by parking just below the wall edge.

Cement drop from building, before
Cement drop from building, after

Tree sap & Bird drop

Compared to others Tree Sap and Bird drops are dangerous to paint, which can etch into the paint and damage the paint, lead to repainting. Please remove at the earliest.

Tree Sap
Tree debris
Bird drop damaged paint
Bird drop on car paint

Water spots / hard water stains

Water spots are one of the most common and irritating paint defects that car owners face. Water spots can also be damaging to the paint both physically and cosmetically. Water spots are caused when water dries on your car’s paint and minerals in the water are left behind creating water spots.

Waterspot can also etch to paint if left untreated, it will require the use of an abrasive to remove, like polishing. Level of polishing required will depends on the damaged it caused. which will be costlier than clearing the water spot at the earliest and protecting the paint with some wax or sealants.

How to prevent.


Many of the problems listed above can be prevented by regular waxing and taking some preventive measures like below, Hot climate can accelerate the damaging process, clear these issues at the earliest as possible

  1. Avoid parking below the tree (depends on the type of the tree, damage could small or big)
  2. Do not allow water to dry on the car (after rain/wash etc)
  3. Do not wash on sunlight or hot climate, also wash one panel at a time. (Follow best washing practices)
  4. Do not let bird drop or tree sap dry on the car, If possible keep a sprayer/water in car to quickly wash the affected area.
  5. Use wax or paint sealant as protection, as frequent as possible
  6. Minor water spots on initial time can be cleared with degreaser, APC, or Vinegar, or use specialized products.

In case of etching or any paint damage, depends on the severity of the problem, it would need paint polishing or re-painting.

NOTE: "matte/satin" finish paint cannot be "polished", means most of the paint damages caused by these above issues will end up in re-painting in case of "matte" or "satin" finish paint. Please provide extra care for such paint finishes.

Recommended service interval : When required or once in 3-6th month, depend on vehicle usage

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