Premium package Crystal Serum Ultra

Crystal Serum Ultra 5year package

Premium package Crystal Serum Ultra at TAS
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Gtechniq professional Crystal Serum Ultra coating package with 5 year maintenance, Free coating maintenance every 6th month.

Gtechniq Crystal Serum

Coating package includes,

  1. Full body paint coating (5-9 Year durability)
    1. One layer of Crystal Serum Ultra
    2. Two Layers of EXO
  2. Alloy coating (2 Year)
  3. All Glass coating (1 Year)
  4. Headlight coating (1-2 Year)
  5. Exterior chrome coating (5 Year)
  6. Exhaust Muffler Pipe coating (1 Year)
  7. All exterior plastic coating (1 Year)
  8. Matte dash coating for dashboard (non leather dashboard)
  9. All interior plastic coating (1 Year)
  10. Leather coating (1 Year)
  11. One ceramic wash +10 Free coating maintanance (every 6th month)

Time Required : 3 Days (If paint restortion required will take more time)

Gtechniq Crystal Serum
Gtechniq Crystal Serum

#Why Gtechniq Crystal Serum?

Crystal Serum Ultra represents a major leap forward in the performance of ultra-durable paint protection, offering matchless levels of gloss, surface slickness, swirl and chemical resistance.

Extensive real world and laboratory tests, prove that its thicker, glossier and harder structure offer unsurpassed abrasion and chemical protection.

Crystal Serum Ultra replaces Crystal Serum as a Gtechniq Accredited Detailer only, signature coating, with a nine year guarantee.

Should Crystal Serum Ultra be applied incorrectly a car would need flat sanding to remove the coating.

Old vehicle or vehicle with swrils and stains require Paint Restoration before applying the coating. Please bring the vehicle for a free inspection and better estimate.
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